Shiriya Saki

Shiriya Saki
Address Higashidori village, Shimokita district, Aomori prefecture
October 20, 1876
Color White
Light Character Fl W 10s
Luminous Intensity 530,000 cd
Range 18.5 M
Height 32.82 m
Height above
sea level
45.7 m
Lens 2nd Ordered Fresnel Lens
Moter Drien Mercury Bath
Power source Commercial power

Brick structure designed by R.H. Brunton. The Shiriya Saki Lighthouse is in an area known as the birthplace of fog signals, with the fog bell being the first fog signal in Japan.


This is also the birthplace of electric lighthouses with the first being the electrification of the lighthouse with arc lights in December of 1901. Since this optical device was modeled after the Eckmille Lighthouse of France, it was called the elard type electric arc lamp. With this improvement, light intensity increased from 36,000 cd to 13,000,000 cd to the extent that its brightness was referred to as the “sun of the sea”.


However, because of the high cost of the equipment and the troublesome care required, arc lights disappeared with the exception of the domestic Kamishima Lighthouse in Mie prefecture.


Preservation repairs together with the earthquake reinforcements were implemented in 1983.