Inubo Saki

Inubo Saki
Address Choshi city, Chiba prefecture
November 15, 1874
Color White
Light Character Fl W 15s
Luminous Intensity 1,100,000 cd
Range 19.5 M
Height 31.3 m
Height above
sea level
52.3 m
Lens 1st Ordered Fresnel Lens
Moter Drien Mercury Bath
Power source Commercial power

This is representative brick lighthouse in Japan.


Lumber was from Katori district of Chiba prefecture, granite was from Kitajo, Tsukuba district, Ibaraki prefecture. Great pains were taken by Hidemasa Nakazawa, lighthouse engineer, to use only domestic bricks. He was finally successful in finding good quality clay from which good quality bricks equal to foreign products could be produced, and instructions on the manufacturing method were passed on to the feudal lords of the area. A total of 193,000 bricks are used in the lighthouse, affiliated facilities and accommodation. The designer was R.H. Brunton.


Although oil lamps were originally used as the light source at the time of construction, a dazzling light of 27,500 cd was realized with a 1st Ordered Fresnel Lens. When the lighthouse was nearing completion, the fishermen observing the huge lens were frightened and concerned that “if the lighthouse is completed and the light beams on the ocean, it will destroy the habitat of the fish along the coast and that the fishing population will be subjected to great misfortune.” Although they thenceforth commenced a petition movement to stop construction of the lighthouse immediately, the year following completion of the lighthouse was a banner year for tuna fish and it was realized that their apprehension was groundless.


Preservation repairs together with earthquake reinforcements were implemented in 1977.






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