Kyoga Misaki

Kyoga Misaki
Address Tango town,Takeno district, Kyoto prefecture
December 25, 1898
Color White
Light Character Fl (3) W 20s
Luminous Intensity 280,000 cd
Range 29.5 M
Height 12.42 m
Height above
sea level
148.0 m
Lens 1st Ordered Fresnel Lens
Moter Drien Mercury Bath
Power source Commercial power

This light tower is of stone structure. With the opening of both the “Hamada” and “Sakai” ports to foreign trade in July of 1899 by Imperial Ordinance, the Kyoga Misaki Lighthouse, Mihono Seki Lighthouse and Izumo Hino Misaki Lighthouse were constructed in line with increased trade.


It is said that the name Kyoga Misaki (meaning sutra cape) originated from the legend that because of the many shipwrecks that occurred here, Buddhist priests prayed for the soul of the victims in a cave under the cape.