Tsuru Shima

Tsuru Shima
Address Matsuyama city, Ehime prefecture
June 15, 1873
Color White
Light Character Al Fl W R 16s
Luminous Intensity 75,000 cd (Red)
340,000 cd (White)
Range 20.5 M
Height 10.3 m
Height above
sea level
58.2 m
Lens Revolving Light (Type LB-H 40)
Power source Commercial power

The stone material for the light tower is granite brought over by ship from Tokuyama city, Yamaguchi prefecture and from Kurahashi island, Hiroshima prefecture. The material was then hauled a distance of 300 meters from the shore to the construction site by laying planks on the ground and using round logs and pulleys. The designer was R.H. Brunton.


In April of 1867, the Osaka pact for the opening of the Hyogo port (December of the same year) was concluded between the shogunate and the diplomatic representative of England. This lighthouse is one of the 5 lighthouses of that time.


Since Brunton and McVean, who were involved in the construction, did not eat Japanese food, all foodstuff including meat was sent from Kobe via Mitsuhama (Matsuyama city) and then by two rowboats since there were no motor-powered boats at that time. There were episodes that, when the food ran short because of inclement weather, they ate fruits picked on the island until the next vessel arrived.