Address Hokudan Town, Tsuna District, Hyogo Prefecture
April 27, 1871
Color White
Light Character Al W R 10s
Luminous Intensity 24,000 cd (Red)
62,000 cd (White)
Range 19 M
Height 8.27 m
Height above
sea level
above sea level : 48.50 m
Lens 3rd Ordered Fresnel Lens
Revolving Screen
Power source Commercial power


Iejima granite was used as the stone material for the light tower which was designed by R.H. Brunton. Since the epicenter of the “Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake” that occurred on January 17, 1995 was near this lighthouse, fissures, slippage (movement) and sinking occurred inside the foundation, in addition to slippage of the stones in the accessory structures.


To pass on a memory of the effects of this earthquake on to future generations, the lighthouse accessory structures will be reinforced by repacking the joints of the accessory light tower structures with joint mortar, with the stones remaining in their shifted positions. The position and shape of the fissure, which is on the Nojima fault, will be preserved as much as possible by covering with colored concrete.