Mihono Seki

Mihono Seki Lighthouse (Mihono Seki town, Yatuka district, Shimane prefecture)

Commissioning date : November 8, 1898
Color : White
Construction Material : Stone
Light Character : Fl W 12s
Luminous Intensity : 490,000 cd
Range : 23.5 M
Height : 14.0 m
Height above sea level : 82.9 m
Lens : Revolving light (Type LB-M 60)
Power source : Commercial power

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     This light tower is of stone construction. Its external surface of rough cut stones remains beautiful.
With the opening of both the Hamada and Sakai ports to foreign trade in July of 1899 by imperial ordinance, the Kyoga Misaki Lighthouse, Mihono Seki Lighthouse and Izumo Hino Misaki Lighthouse were constructed in line with increased trade.

     Although all of the old offices and lodgings adjacent to the lighthouse were sold and converted to restaurants and shops, detailed consideration was given to maintain the external Meiji era appearance.


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