Tomoga Shiima

Tomoga Shima Lighthouse(Wakayama city, Wakayama prefecture)

Date of commissioning : June 25, 1872
Color : White
Construction Material: Stone
Light Character : Al  Fl  W  R  10s
Luminous Intensity :  240,000 cd (Red)
                             230,000 cd (White)
Range : 20.5 M
Height : 12.20 m
Height above sea level : 60.00 m
Lens : Revolving light(Type LB-90)
Power source : Diesel Generator

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     The stone material of the light tower consists of stacked granite blocks and was designed by R.H. Brunton.

     In April of 1867, the shogunate and an English minister concluded the Osaka agreement in preparation for the opening of the Hyogo port (December of that year). This is one of the five lighthouses of that time. The light tower was a bit closer to the sea at the time of construction but was moved east about 25 meters in 1890 by the army to construct its No. 1 battery here.


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