Muroto Misaki

Muroto Misaki Lighthouse (Muroto city, Kochi prefecture)

Commissioning date : April 1, 1899
Color : White
Construction Material : Iron
Light Character : Fl W 10s
Luminous Intensity : 1,600,000 cd
Range : 30.5 M
Height : 15.4 m
Height above sea level : 154.7 m
Lens : 1st Ordered Fresnel Lens
          Moter Drion Mercury Bath
Power source : Commercial power

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     The light tower is an iron structure. All construction materials were carried by sailboat to the tip of the cape and, after offloading at Tsukimigahama below the lighthouse site, they were transported to the top by means of steam power on specially-laid rails.

     It is said that there was a huge pine tree called Tengu (long nosed goblin) pine at the construction site, which was used for identifying Muroto harbor on entry after a daimyo had left Kannoura after his alternate year residence in Edo. However, it was cut down for construction of the lighthouse.


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