Omae Saki

Omae Zaki Lighthouse (Omae Zaki town, Haibara district, Shizuoka prefecture)

Commissioning date : May 1, 1874
Color : White
Construction Material : Brick
Light Character : Fl W 10s
Luminous Intensity : 560,000 cd
Range : 19.5 M
Height : 22.47 m
Height above sea level : 54.0 m
Lens : 3rd Ordered Fresnel Lens
          Moter Drien Mercury Bath
Power source : Commercial power

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     The light tower is a brick structure painted with white lacquer and provided with joints to give the appearance of a stone structure. Stone material from the Izu area was used around the entrance and windows and for the stairway and passageway floors. The designer was R.H. Brunton.

     A light tower (called Miobi light tower) was constructed by the shogunate in 1635 at the place where the present Omae Saki Lighthouse stands. It was a small structure 2.8 meters high and 3.6 meters square with oil paper screens on the three sides facing the sea and an oil lamp placed in the center. The shogunate provided funds for the paper screen and oil but labor costs were not required since the village people took turns in pairs to tend the light. This light tower existed for over 240 years, even though there were continuous disasters at sea, with shipwrecks invariably occurring during March and September when south winds are strong. There were rows of graves waiting for the ignorant under the cliff on which the light tower stood.

     Preservation repairs together with the earthquake reinforcements were implemented in 1983.


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