Izumo Hino Saki

Izumo Hino Misaki Lighthouse (Taisha town, Hikawa district, Shimane prefecture)

Commissioning date : April 1, 1903
Color : White
Construction Material : Stone
Light Character : Al  Fl  (3)  W  R  20s
Luminous Intensity : 480,000 cd
Range : 21.0 M
Height : 43.65 m
Height above sea level : 63.30 m
Lens : 1st Ordered Fresnel Lens
         Moter Drion Mercury Bath
Power source : Commercial power

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     This light tower is of stone construction. The Kyoga Misaki Lighthouse, Mihono Seki Lighthouse and Izumo Hino Misaki Lighthouse were constructed in line with increased activity in "Hamada" and "Sakai" ports after they were designated as open ports to foreign trade by imperial ordinance in July, 1899.

     The stone used was hard stone (tuffaceous sandstone) from Moriyama, Yasoku district, Shimane prefecture. The height of the lighthouse from foundation to top is 43.65 meters, and it has remained the king of lighthouses in Japan ever since the time of construction. Japan possessed traditional stone construction techniques from experience in constructing castles in the past. Use of these techniques, which boast a beauty of modeling, enabled the Japanese to design and construct this large stone structure lighthouse themselves.

     In 1951 and 1973, the department of technology of Kyoto University conducted a diagnosis of weathering and aging of the light tower by applying vibration, but no defects could be observed. This was testimony again to the excellence of the stone work techniques of the time.

     Preservation repair work together with earthquake reinforcement were implemented in 1993 and 1994.


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