Tuno Shima

Tsuno Shima Lighthouse (Houhoku town, Toyoura district, Yamaguchi prefecture)

Commissioning date : March 1, 1876
Color : --
Construction Material : Stone
Light Character : Fl W 5s
Luminous Intensity : 670,000 cd
Range : 18.5 M
Height : 29.62 m
Height above sea level : 44.66 m
Lens : 1st Ordered Fresnel Lens
           Moter Drien Mercury Bath
Power source : Commercial power

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     Since the construction site of the lighthouse was on low ground only 13 meters above sea level, the lighthouse was made tall and indeed was considered one of the few tall lighthouses of the time. Of the 30 m of the tower above ground, the part from the ground up to a height of 24 m is of stacked roughly polished granite, and the remaining upper part of carved decorative cut stones for a beautiful soft appearance. The stones were from Tokuyama.

     The designer was R.H. Brunton.

     Attention to details was given in construction, with the inside of the tower also of cut granite and the 105 step spiral stairway skillfully combined with the outer wall to form a solid structure.

     Preservation repair work together with earthquake reinforcement were implemented in 1995.


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