Various Typer of Lighthouse Lenses



arious Types of Lighthouse Lenses

1. Single Flashing Light Lens

Used in large lighthouses with flashing lights.
A mercury bath type rotating apparatus is used for rotation.
The light bulb is always lighted.


2. Many Sided Single Flashing Light Lens

It is used in the same Way as the above lens.


3. Single Flashing Lens

It is similar to the above two types of lenses,
but the mercury bath is not used,and the lens is directly rotated by a motor.


4. Fixed Lens

It is used in smaller lighthouses for fixed lights,occulting lights and flashing lights.
The lens is not rotated, and the light bulb is turned on and off in accordance with the characteristics of the light.
The inner diameter of the left lens is 300mm and the right lens is of a 200mm inner diameter.