Lighthouses with Various Records

*First Western style Lighthouse Kannonzaki Lighthouse
(KanagaWa Prefecture)Lighted in 1869


*Oldest Stone Lighthouse Kashinozaki Lighthpuse
(Wakayama Prefgcture)Lighted in 1870


*Oldest Brick Lighthouse Sugashima Liehthouse
(Mie Prefecture)Lighted in 1873


*Oldest Concrete Lighthouse Kurasaki Lighthouse
(Miyazaki Prefecture)Lighted in 1884


*Oldest Steel Lighthouse Himesaki Lighthouse
(Niigata Prefecture)Lighted in 1895


*Lighthouse with a High Tower lzumoHinomisaki Lighthouse
(Shimane Prefecture)43.65meters from the ground


*Lighthouse Highest from the Sea Level Amarubezaki Lighthouse
(Hyogo Prefecture)The light is 284.1meters above the mean sea level.


*Lighthouse With the Longest Visual Range Murotosaki Lighthouse
Visual Range 26miles(approximately 49kilometers)


*Lighthouses with Strong Luminous lntensity
Murotosaki Lighthouses
Luminous intensity 1,600,000Candela

*Northermost Lighthouse Soya-Misaki Lighthouse
north latitude 45°31′17″ east longitude 141°56′11″


*Easternmost Lighthouse Nosappu-Misaki Lighthouse
north latitude 43°23′07″ east longitude 145°49′01″


*Southernmost Lighthouse Hateruma-Shima Lighthouse
north latitude 24°03′27″ east longitude 123°47′08″


*Westernmont Lighthouse lrisaki Lighthouse
north latitude 24°27′05″ east longitude 122°56′11″