The Tunnel at Cape Kamui

The Kamuimjsaki Lighthouse at the end of the Shakotan Peninsula in Hokkaido is located about 4 km from the nearest village, in a location where there were hardly any roads,and people stepped on one stone to the next,fearing the fall of stones from above.In 1911,When three members of the families of the staff went to buy the daily food,they were overtaken by huge waves.


The people of the village decided to dig a tunnel to console the souls of the victims and to secure a safe passage.
The work on the tunnel was started from both ends,but unfortunately the two holes did not meet In the center.
The people rang the bell and prayed for help.
The bell informed the direction to proceed and the tunnel was completed.
Under these circumstances,the tunnel is called the“Prayer Tunnel”.
The tunnel of 60 meters in length is dark inside,as the ceiling is low with a curve in the middle Part it is said that peoplepass the tunnel praying for the three Victims.