Kinka San

Kinka San Lighthouse (Oshika town, Oshika district, Miyagi prefecture)

Commissioning date:November 1, 1876
Color : White
Construction Material : Stone
Light Character : Al  Fl  W  R  20s
Luminous Intensity : 300,000 cd
Range : 20.0 M
Height : 12.82 m
Height above sea level : 54.64 m
Lens : 2nd Ordered Fresnel Lens
          Moter Drien Mercury Bath
Power source : Commercial power

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     Granite is used as the stone material for the light tower. The designer was R.H. Brunton.

     To ships bound for America, this is the last lighthouse bidding farewell from the shores of Japan. The history of the island of Kinka San is ancient and it was given this name in about the 8th century when gold was discovered for the first time in Japan and presented to the imperial court. (Kinka means gold coin in Japanese.)

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