Rokko Saki

Rokko Saki Lighthouse
(Suzu city, Ishikawa prefecture)

Commissioning date : July 1, 1883
Color : White
Construction Material : Stone
Light Character : Iso W 6s
Luminous Intensity : 55,000 cd
Range : 19.0 M
Height : 12.0 m
Height above sea level : 48.0 m
Lens : 2nd Ordered Fresnel Lens
          Revolving Screen
Power source : Commercial power

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     From ancient times there were many disasters at sea in the Rokko Saki sea area at the tip of the Noto peninsula, and there were demands in 1756 for the establishment of all-night open-air bonfires since this area was the main area for accidents for ships sailing north. It is said that, to prevent ocean accidents, a stand for a light was constructed on the mountain in the background, and oil was poured in the fire dish and lit.

     It required about 2 years of difficult work to complete construction of the light tower, since good quality stone was demanded and had to be hauled by small boats from Nanao bay, Anasui town about 60 km by sea, and construction of a cableway to pull the stones up by man- power was also necessary.

     This is the only lighthouse in the nation that has a chrysanthemum crest on the memorial plate above the entrance to the tower.


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