Mikomoto Shima

Mikomoto Shima Lighthouse (Shimoda city, Shizuoka prefecture)

Commissioning date : November. 11, 1870
Color : White with 2 black bands
Construction Material : Stone
Light Character : Fl (2) W 16s
Luminous Intensity : 400,000 cd
Range : 19.5 M
Height : 23.31 m
Height above sea level: 50.79 m
Lens : 3rd Ordered Fresnel Lens
           Moter Drien Mercury Bath
Power source : Diesel Generator

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     This is the oldest lighthouse constructed of stone remaining in its original form in Japan. The designer was R.H. Brunton who was the father of lighthouses in Japan.

     In May of 1866, the shogunate entered into a duty revision agreement (The Edo Treaty) with the 4 countries of America, England, Holland and France. This is one of the original 8 lighthouses of that time.

     Izu stone quarried from the Ebisu promontory of Shimoda was used for the lighthouse tower structure, with the dovetail method used to join the upper layers, and calcinated quick drying cement of volcanic rock from the Izu peninsula and limestone were used for the middle and bottom vertical and horizontal seams.

     Preservation repair work together with earthquake reinforcements were implemented in 1995.



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