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Shiono Misaki

Shiono Misaki Lighthouse (Kushimoto town, Nishimuro district, Wakayama prefecture)

Commissioning date :
              April 15, 1878
Color : White
Construction Material : Stone
Light Character : Fl W 15s
Luminous Intensity : 970,000 cd
Range : 19 M
Height : 22.51 m
Height above sea level : 49.47 m
Lens : Revolving light
                (Type LB-H 120)
Power source : Commercial power

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     The stone material for the tower is rough grained sandstone that is said to be from Koza town.

     In May of 1866, the shogunate concluded a duty improvement agreement (the Edo Treaty) with the 4 countries of America, England, Holland and France. This lighthouse is one of the 8 of that time.

     The Shiono Misaki Lighthouse stands on a cliff at the southwest part of the cape at the southern tip of Honshu. The area offshore of the cape is in the path of typhoons and is a perilous part of the sea where the flow of the Kuroshio Current (also known as the Japan Current) is rapid. This is mentioned in the folk song "Kushimoto Bushi."

     Preservation repair work together with earthquake reinforcement were implemented in 1995.


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